ALLSORTS- furniture and homewares Rotorua

ALLSORTS =Great New Store in Eruera Street Rotorua. This store has something for everyone, with an eclectic mix of preloved, upcycled and retro furniture. All items are in fantastic condition and you can find lots of unusual pieces in this store. This is large store which is well set up and gets new stock every week. Check it out if you are in the area. 


Greerton- Salvation Army store

Well presented and clean store. The lay out is makes it easy to see everything. Mix of homewares, shoes and fashion. You probably won't find a vintage treasure but there are plenty of good quality, well priced garments. 

Hospice store Eruera Street, Rotorua

This store has it all! A very well fitted out and  spacious store. In fact it has two separate stores within one area, with vintage and retro furniture on one side and  homewares, designer fashion and good quality basics, shoes and accessories. The bargain racks can see you grab a fabulous item form just one dollar. Worth a trip if you are near Rotorua. 

Frock of Ages, Eruera Street Rotorua.

If you are looking for a higher end item, then this store offers a good range of mid priced to higher end priced items. the bonus is the store feel like any new fashion store and you can quickly see what is on the racks without wasting time rummaging through racks of clothing. A mix of vintage and new styles, some that may still even be in stores. You are unlikely to get a true vintage treasure, but very likely to find  a designer label at an affordable price.  

Red Cross Taupo

the Red cross Store in Taupo is a good store for regular clothing items. Medium sized , good layout and very clean, with lots of natural lighting and racks allow you to have a good look without being jam packed. If you are in the area, then worth popping in. 

Designer Labels- Whakatane

This great store in Whakatane is large, clean and even combines a barbers and florists in the same space. I always visit this store when in the region as I always find designer items for a fraction of the costs elsewhere and I don't need to rummage through jam packed racks as everything in here is well displayed, clean and priced to sell. the owner is a friendly and works in store, so she makes sure everything is good quality and well presented. 

check our blog for a glimpse at some of the bargains bought from here.

The Op Shop - Taupo

The Op Shop- Taupo. This little store is jam packed with clothing. The prices are super cheap and if you just want basic items or a warm jacket then this is the perfect shop to try. Plenty of toys too. Not recommended for the vintage, retro  or designer label shopper wanting a great garment.

Top of the hill in Taupo! Try the sallies!

Taupo Salvation Army store.  This is a mega size store. Huge area, lots of vintage homewares, purses, ornaments and old suitcases. and the odd fur coat.  This store is worth a trip if you want vintage, homewares  or furniture, however the clothing is pretty ordinary , mainly t-shirts and low quality everyday items. Quite a lot bedding and books. 

Frock work Orange - Putararu, Waikato

A great little shop, with loads of bargains and lots of labels. Most stock is pretty current so you can nab yourself a contemporary designer piece at a great price.  Feels like your in a new fashion store, not a secondhand store. The owner is helpful, friendly and lets you take your time and browse at your leisure. I visited with a friend who never shops secondhand and she bought 7 pieces.   Also stocks lots of larger size fashion garments as well as eveningwear and resort wear.  Well worth a look  if you are in the area. 

SAVEMART- Greerton, bay of Plenty

For those familiar with Savemart, this store will not disappoint !  So much to choose from. You will rarely leave without a treasure. the racks are full and there are plenty of designer pieces and a larger retro section. If you only have time to visit one Savemart in the Bay of Plenty then this  is the best choice!

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Rustys,  Belmont road Paeroa.

This is  a treasure trove..  amazing jewellery, furniture and homewares. If you visit Pearoa then this is this is the top pick.  Price points for all budgets from a few dollars to serious collectors willing to spend thousands. Paeroa has lots of secondhand and antique stores to makes a great day out ..enjoy the hunt for a special treasure!