Excessive waste Vs $20 T-shirt Wedding dress

When so many people are struggling to afford housing it seems crazy that they also put a huge amount of pressure on themselves to have the dream wedding and all the lavish trappings that go with it. With environmental concerns and a simpler way of life being a goal for many people there are so many other options for weddings. Some of the best weddings i have been too, have been parties at home and some of the worst have been uptight expensive venues. The dress is one of the most wasteful items we buy as generally it is worn once and only for few hours, yet the resources, materials and work that has gone into making this is enormous. So perhaps its time to rethink the role of the wedding dress and opt for something that can be worn again. The ubiquitous t-shirt is a practical option, easy to work with, able to be decorated and then dyed and worn again. This simple design is very plain and by adding a decorative piece it is instantly given some glamour, or it could be decorated with beads and embroidery and then after the event cut to a shorter length or transformed into another item.

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