$20 T-shirt wedding dress

Wedding dress made from 4 t-shirts. simple design, can be dyed after use.Garment by Deb Laraman

upcycled fashion

Discarded linen tablecloth and old t-shirts remade by Deb laraman into a gorgeous shift dress and lacey tops

upcycled t-shirt dresses

Evening wear made from t-shirts. The black one is made from t-shirts and the white is 4 t-shirts. Proving you don't need to spend a fortune to look stunning. garments by Deb laraman. photo Steve Brown

Upcycled t-shirt dress

the three tee dress, by Deb Laraman, Made and Make Co. Photography by Steve Brown

upcycled shirt Jacket,Deb Laraman

Up-cycled men's shirts remade into a stylish women's jacket. Deb Laraman. Image Steve Brown

Upcycled tshirt dress

Upcycled t-shirt dress by Deb Laraman, Photography Jade Kendra

upcycled t-shirt top by Laraman

Upcycled T-shirts. Made from discarded mens t-shirts. Made by Deb Laraman.

Apron Dress by Made & Make

Apron Dress, 100% Linen, by Deb Laraman. Photo Steve Brown

upcycled t-shirt dress

Upcycled t-shirt Dress by Deb Laraman. Photo by Steve Brown.

upcycled t-shirt top

upcycled t-shirts made into a feminine lacey top. Garments by Deb Laraman

apron dresses

100% linen Apron dresses, can be teamed with a t-shirt and boots. Practical, minimalist style

apron dress by Laraman

linen apron dress by Deb Laraman, Models Hair by Lynette Smith, Photography Steve Brown from Black Diamond

eco fashion -tablecloth dress

Up-cycled linen table cloth, purchased for $10 at the thrift store. garment by Laraman, photograph by Steve Brown

Upcycled shirt jacket

Upcycled mens shirts made into a stylish longline jacket. by Deb Laraman. Photography by jade Kendra

upcycled Mens shirts

Upcycled mens shirt. Photography by Jade Kendra

Upcycled Men's shirts

two mens shirts remade into a women's boyfriend shirt. Photograph by Steve Brown

Upcycled t-shirt dress, Deb Laraman

Upcycled t-shirts remade into a one of a kind dress and then dyed to create a tonal garment. Garment by Deb from Made and Make. Photograph by Jade Kendra